Electrical Installation Condition Report 

The ideal procedure to determine if your electrical installation is safe for continued use is to hire a qualified electrician to carry out a electrical test (electrical installation condition report).

This should be carried out every 10 years for a domestic property, 5 Years on a rented property or on change of occupancy, and more frequently for commercial business premises.

If you havent had it done recently, then you should enquire getting a quote. This small cost now will reassure you a peace of mind.

About an Electrical Installation Condition Report !

During an electrical inspection we start with visual inspections looking at accessories such as sockets and switches and the consumer unit/s, looking at main earthing and main protective bonding. This can verify if there is any faulty, damaged or deteriorated accessories. Then we proceed to carrying out electrical tests on the fixed wiring. These checks are carried out to ensure that it complies with safety regulations.

Electrical tests on the fixed wiring involves checking resistance, continuity, polarity, and finally putting an electrical current into a circuit to measure the integrity of the cabling.  further electrical tests are run on more sensitive devices such as an RCD. This is typically determined within electrical parameters for tripping times and function tests.  

Once an electrical inspection is complete, a PDF test report is provided detailing the findings.   

Photos will be taken which will be attached in the report so you know what the problems are and we will provide a free itemised estimate for fixing or repairing them.

For an electrical installation condition report in London please get in touch!

How often should I get my electrics tested?

In a normal residential dwelling, you should have them tested every 10 years.
In a rental property your should have an electrical inspection every 5 years or change of occupancy. This is now a legal requirement as of June 2020.
A property should also ideally be tested before being sold so that the buyers know the condition of the electrics.


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